Thoughts on Digital Alchemy

The traditional concept of alchemy is the process transmuting/altering upon the properties of something so as to bring out that something’s greatest potential. Make it shine in a sense of the word. My thoughts on what digital alchemy is, is that, depending on what is the topic of discussion, it is one’s ability make their product of hard work as captivating, interesting and convincing as possible through the use of skills ranging from creating language and proofreading to decoration through use of things such as pictures or videos in a digital setting. Now in my case I really wouldn’t go the extra mile to decorate the facts of a case I’m making or a story that I’m trying to tell because I’m simple person and I believe that my words speak for themselves. They are unpolished rocks/gems at first read/glance, but after they have been proofed, polished, that’s when their true potential comes to the surface. They reveal themselves to be the gems I always knew they could be. Now, with regard to adding the digital factor to the act of alchemy through the implementation of electronic tools such as videos, pictures, other electronic tools that serve to support or add some flare to your work, I can honestly say that I’m quite average if not below the bar of average when it comes to implementing such tools. I mean, it took me longer than I would like to admit to actually just create this blog in the state that it is now that you’re reading this on. Anyway, in summation, I believe that digital alchemy is the act of making use of all the electronic/digital resources that our modern day can provide us to make to bring out the best in a person and their work.


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