A Unique Interpretation of the 4 Elements

The task of taking pictures of that which has relevance and embody the 4 elements was not a grueling task. I mean they are the things that allow are all living things to thrive sustain themselves in this world. They make up the very world itself. Possessing such a quality it’s pretty easy to understand that something(s) that represent each of these elements in a literal and symbolic way wouldn’t be too hard to find. They’re all around us.

Had I been outside I would have need for you a picture of the sun, fo it is the embodiment of heat/warmth, for without it all life in our galaxy would perish. So my being inside gave me fewer options, but, of course, in my attempt to stay warm that which embodies fire (warmth) was located right behind me – the heating/cooling vents. It symbolizes fire in its ability to keep me warm, something that is most valuable during these winter months.

For my next picture, which represents the element of water, we have a sink. I would think this would be the most immediate prompt for water in how its primary purpose is to siphon and release water for whatever an individual’s needs may be. I go to this thing whenever I need water, whether it’s for cooking, boiling, to make coffee for my mom, you name it. In this case, it’s just one of those stares you in the face as though it’s saying, “could I be anymore blunt?”.

the next picture, which represents earth, I have for you my trusty knife. Much like earth, in how it’s everywhere I go, so is this knife. I carry it everywhere I go…unless the law forbids it. In addition, it’s crafted out of earth. Earth that has been refined and purified over a number of time until it has achieved its state of steel.


Lastly, the picture that I have that represents air is the air ventilation system. It being winter I would much rather taken a picture of a lush tree or any other foliage which produces oxygen, but they are in a dormant state. As it’s in the name the air vents distribute and recycle oxygen throughout the multiple rooms in closed up structures, enabling us to go about our chores within said structure.


It’s a matter of unique and biased perspective how one analyzes and labels something to be what they claim. The thoughts that flow through one’s mind which are later printed/typed for us to judge unique to that one individual. Some of you might never have considered any of the things that I chose to represent the 4 elements to be something that you would ever consider to be your choice of representative photos, but this is how I perceive them to be. We are none of us the same and that is a good thing as we all see and consider things differently, and that aspect about us invites discovery.


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