A Necromancer is Weeping inside a Universe.


Have you ever lost someone that brought joy to your life? someone that filled you filled you with positivity and joy, but with their passing made you feel empty? What would you do to bring that joy back into your life?

I have lost my beloved to cruel and unmerciful code of the universe. Time has robbed my of that who I held so close to my heart and with her passing some off me has gone too. I feel like a shell of my former self, I feel empty and nothing that I can think of or that I have experienced following this tragedy reinvigorates me, makes me yearn to keep going. I know what I must do, it’s been staring me in the face. I’ll bring her back. She who kept the light inside me burning at its brightest as opposed to the now small flickering flame that tries its hardest to persist inside me. I devoted the entirety of my time to the persecuted art of necromancy – the art of conjuring the dead.

I devoted myself wholly to my experiment of bringing back the woman I loved, nothing else mattered. I a year of my life to finding my answer, casting my friends out of my life, losing my job, basically losing it all. But that all didn’t matter, all that mattered was her, so I needed to do this right. The day had come where I believed I had collected all the necessary resources and the proper knowledge to proceed with the experiment. I wasted no time and proceeded and with the resulting creation of a shroud of smoke that obstructed my vision at what I had created it was done. In the end I thought I had succeeded, though just when I was given hope it was it was almost immediately taken away from me. What I saw did not not resemble my beloved, in fact what I had brought into the world was a deformed creature. It possessed the features of a human, but it looked butchered, everything was where it shouldn’t have been. I had failed in my endeavor, the light inside me was extinguished. I lost the will to try my hand at the experiment again after witnessing the abomination that I had created. If that had in fact been my beloved I had indeed massacred her, and I did not have the heart or the strength to face another failure such as this again. I realized that I could never really have her back and that I was doing more harm to her and myself than good. So I proceeded to venture into the dark and unknown recesses of the world, away from all the false hopes of happiness that presented themselves to me. I knew now that there was no true happiness left in the world for me.




2 thoughts on “A Necromancer is Weeping inside a Universe.”

  1. You definitely got our attention with the title and the paragraphs. We are eager to know. Who is this narrator? Why did the lose the love? What will they do next?

    Is this to be woven along more? How might this narrative become networked?

    Color us intrigued, and no reason to spill your mystery. Suspense is powerful.


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