Weekly Reflection: Stories Giving Shape and What I’ve Learned

journey_into_the_unknownWhat do I think when I when I hear about stories having shape? I think that such a concept means that each story paints a unique picture to the one that reads or experiences it. When I hear the word “shape” associated with a story I link that with the quality of depth associated with a story and how that unique depth, or detail of a given story, influences a given individual. I can only assume that some people choose to take away different messages or morals from a story/film that they’ve read/seen, as we are all unique individuals, non of us are the same in appearance or in mental ability and preferences. That’s been my experience up to this point. A story has a particular shape to everyone because it’s contents are perhaps unique to everyone? It influences and shapes everyone’s mind a different way. In my opinion, nothing is perceived exactly identical by anyone. A story has shape just as an abstract piece of art has deeper meaning. Its message, its contents are subjective to interpretation, just as subjective and unique how it influences people.

Now, onto the topic of of what we’ve done up until now in class, I can honestly say that I am a bit stumped. Perhaps it is because I am not the biggest technological buff or perhaps I do not keep up with the ever changing and ever increasing forms of technology, but these twitter bots have me a bit stumped. Perhaps I misread how to use or get a hold of prompts by the source (might have made no sense there), but I inquired about getting a prompt from the source and have yet to get a reply. Maybe a complication on my part, but I have yet to make any progress in that area. Hopefully I can remedy this situation so I don’t fall to far behind my fellow peers.

I have enjoyed the simple tasks of our daily digital alchemy assignments and blog posts up this point, as when I read them they offer me a little bit of insight as to who I am surrounded by during my weekly class. I like what i’ve read up to this point and although I haven’t written that many responses yet, I can say with absolute certainty that  that will change. I look forward to reading more about what you have to say about this class and the prompts that we are given in the future. Some of you have influenced me to see things in a different light, and that is saying something.

I look forward to what awaits us in our upcoming classes, though I think I may need to someone to elaborate on the inner workings of certain assignments that require as to have some working knowledge of certain technological systems, as I seem to be quite the novice when it comes to using some of the sites that we’ve used thus far. Last week’s improve activity was fun, though I didn’t expect to be caught so off guard by some of the more simpler or complex pieces. Guess I can no longer cling to being an expert in that area after my performance. Anyway, until our later sessions.


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