Week 3: Another Weekly Excursion

I’m redoing my week 3 blog post on account of it somehow being erased from my account.

Well, as we’re delving further into the semester I can say that I am honestly surprised at what the topics of our lessons and discussions have been up to this point. Using twitter for the purpose of digital daily alchemies is not what I expected to be a part of my current college experience this semester. The same goes for writing blogs on wordpress, which is something I feel one would be doing during my free time rather than committing to it for the sake of a grade. I expected this class to include a few more forms of working on the the Web, something that will truly test me, but it’s only been a month at this point, so I’m sure that there will be plenty more time and opportunities for such situations to present themselves.

With regard to the assignments and in-class discussions that we’ve had up to this point I can say that they certainly require a degree of innovative thought. The digital daily alchemy assignments don’t even feel like bothersome assignments, it brings me a bit of joy to disclose a bit of information about myself and too see the same spawn from the minds of my fellow classmates.

Can’t express how much fun it is to go to conventions. Both discovering new things and meeting new people who share my interests is a thrill for me.


Regarding the blogs, I feel the same way about the that I do about the daily digital alchemies – I enjoy writing them. I especially like the prompt I got off of twitter which I posted on my blog which pertained to necromancy. It got my creative juices flowing and I got the chance to do a little bit of creative writing. I don’t usually write stories, but I do love to write. The 5CardFlickr assignment was a fascinating way to to prompt a short story, and that means something coming from me as I have a tendency to be extremely detail-oriented when I write. I actually had to think a bit harder than usual on this one. Lastly, regarding twitterbots, I really have nothing of significance to say about them. Perhaps it’s how I interpreted what was sent to be, but given the lack of context I didn’t know how to write about the words given to me.

I do like the atmosphere of of my classes so far. It is very wholesome and open to the input and questions of its participants which are qualities that any rewarding academic setting should possess. I look forward to sharing further experiences with you all and learning much more fascinating facts about writing in cyberspace.


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