Week 6: A Never-Ceasing Fog of Chaos

This week of content and activities has given a much more positive outlook on what is to come in upcoming classes. This week was the first time that I had taken part in a studio visit and the first time during the semester time that we contributed to the netnarr community through the use of memes and GIFs. This week I felt a little more comfortable than I usually do with undertaking some of these computer-based assignments, because, as you might have seen in the human graph picture provide in this week’s post, I leaned more so toward the utter chaos side of the chart.

I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the studio visit this week which focused on civil order and discourse discourse for the most part. I always enjoy being a part of a conversation and hearing other people’s opinions regarding a topic that I am interested in and have much input on. It was interesting to hear what everyone had to say, especially Howard, in how he established that he initially challenged/resisted authority during his middle and high school years. He didn’t like “being put into a category” or being a part of a plain collective, and I can respect that. When it came time to discuss the degree to which authority should be implemented in the a classroom setting I was an advocate of a strong degree of an authoritative framework. I made my point that authority in a classroom declines as we get older, and that is how it should be in the sense that schools should be making the attempt to instill a sense of morality and proper code of conduct when we are among others and have that build over time.  I made a point that in the framework of college classrooms there is some uncertainty and ambiguity when it comes to certain assignments and deadlines and in such a setting I feel that the teacher should enforce a more stringent form of absolute certainty when it comes to one’s students who aim to succeed in their class, not leaving too many gaps for them to fall through. I appreciated Howard’s response, his saying that there should be some uncertainty in the framework of college as it makes individuals work harder to find the answers and thus strengthens them, as when you leave college the real world is quite unpredictable. On the topic of order and chaos within the framework of general society, the group, Howard especially, stated that democracy is the bedrock of our civil society, how it has contributed to the progress that we have made and, also, led us to unfortunate outcomes. I elaborated on this topic saying that democracy is a double-edged sword. If the message relayed is impure or a pack of lies and received by ignorant masses or people just desperate to follow someone, democracy can lead a people to ruin. I can honestly say that aside from the joy of hearing myself talk  (lol) that it was nice to hear other people’s opinion.

With regard to my viewing the Network Effect, I can say that it certainly does reflect my sometimes frequent siftings through the internet. The experience was me viewing a barrage of random clips from online videos (some of which I’ve seen) fitting into a number of categories that you had the option to click on. When viewing these videos there would be a random narrative playing that would say random things that held the pertained to the category of videos that you were viewing. I found myself confused viewing the site wondering what purpose it served to the point that I did not view it for the full 7 minutes that was offered to me each day. I feel that this site does somewhat relate to my experience when exploring the web, in that sometimes it serves no purpose and I just do so to pass the time. The site doesn’t serve as productive much like how the miscellaneous and tired act of searching the internet for no reason doesn’t as well.

Creating GIFs and memes was fun, even if it was at Howard’s expense. There’s just so many memes and GIFs that I made so I figured I’d just post on this one. I am the tiny creature inside the flask, afflicted by the man on the outside gassing me symbolizes  the strain and chaos of the barrage of certain parts of the assignment that I don’t understand and the man on the outside. He is gradually eating away at me spirit and will to endeavor in this class, when I think that I am doing everything right and have it all rectified and in order another wave of trouble comes my way and I’m back in the same unfortunate situation I was previously in. It just seems like a force that I’m a little uncertain about if I can overcome it or not.

Overall, things are shaping from my initial expectations regarding my class. I’ve realized that I’m not alone in this uncertainty with regard to digital assignments an maneuvering through it all. We get a better feel of the upcoming weekly assignments by easing into parts of them in class so as to make things a little easier for us all. Looking forward to what is to come in March and I would love to another studio visit.


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